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Menusoft streamlines your delivery orders, automates processes, saves you money and sells more.

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See some of the key features of menusoft online menu platform

Site/App online

We provide you with a complete website for your business, with its ordering menu, your address, contact phone number, event calendar and notice area.

Integrated orders

We integrate your delivery across all media, your website orders, facebook chat, whatsapp and even phone will be managed through the menusoft platform.

Works offline

After the first access to the site is made, the menu can be accessed even if the computer or smartphone is without internet. The customer can make the selection of menu items and finalize the order by phone call.

No download

Your customer does not need to download any application to view their menu and place the order, in return will be offered to install the site as an app, all in a natural and practical way.

Our Plans

Our plans are designed to serve you at every level of maturity in your business. Get the plan that best meets your needs.


All the essential features of the system at an affordable price

  • Online Menu
  • Unlimited Delivery Orders
  • No commissions (you don't pay commissions for orders placed on your site)
  • Notice Area
  • Contact information


Complete plan with all features offered by the system

  • All starter plan features
  • Ifood integration
  • Schedule of events (live music for example)
  • Integration with your domain, example:

Multi Branches

Manage all branches of your establishment through a single web system

  • All advanced plan features
  • Branch management
  • Consumer can choose nearest branch
  • Up to 20 branches

Under Development

Menusoft is being developed right now and we invite you to be one of the first to use, discuss and improve the system. You will use the system for free while you are in beta, and as a thank you you will get a lifetime discount of up to 50% on the official release, according to your participation and engagement. Let's innovate together?